We have found that an equity partnership works best when we are able to bring more than just dollars to the table.

We consider diverse industries, but have particular interest in niche manufacturing, business & industrial services, and environmental services. In these sectors, we have years of operating experience that will enable us to serve as a sounding board for talented managers, as well as a source of ideas and connections.

Investment Criteria:

We consider companies of many shapes and sizes, but are most excited to partner with companies that meet the following criteria. We also seek add-on acquisitions for our portfolio companies, where these criteria can be more flexible.


  • $20-150 million revenue
  • 10% or greater EBITDA margins


  • Minimum of $5 million
  • Ownership: control positions preferred


  • U.S. or Canada

Typical Transaction Scenarios:

We have come up with creative structures to fit many different scenarios, but typically our equity capital is used to support the following kinds of transactions:

  • Buyout
  • Growth financing
  • Recapitalization
  • Family transition
  • Corporate divestiture



“Our team saw real opportunities to reduce inventory and get orders out the door more quickly, but we knew the implementation process might be tricky. Summer Street was a patient partner, and supported our team with ideas and capital throughout the transformation. The result was incredibly rewarding for both our people and the company.”

Eric Armenat




“Summer Street’s network and their understanding of what it takes to create value in this industry allowed us to build Coastal into one of the leading privately held waste services companies in the South Florida market in only 18 months.”

Brendon Pantano

Coastal Waste & Recycling



“Dwellworks had a solid base of satisfied customers in the US, and we were just beginning to get traction in our international offices when we decided to bring in more capital to help us diversify our customer base and accelerate our growth. Just a few years later we had completely transformed the business, with new technology-based service offerings and major operations in Mexico, Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, and the UK.”

Bob Rosing


“I wanted to bring in new capital to support acquisitions and diversify my risk, but I worried about what it might be like to have a financial partner. The relationship with Summer Street has been everything I hoped for – a source of expertise, ideas, and capital, as well as a sounding board for the new challenges that come with growth.”

Mike McAllister, Ira Green


“The opportunity to purchase Apple Valley Waste was exciting, but I needed a financial partner who could add real value. Summer Street understood my industry, and more importantly, they were prepared to commit to building a business that puts customers, communities, and employees first.”

John Decker, Apple Valley Waste


“In multiple companies over more than 15 years, my friends from Summer Street have brought us acquisition leads, smart additions to our team, and expertise in navigating relationships with lenders and regulators.”

Ron Bergamini, Action Environmental Group

Growth Financing

“When I discovered that a UK-based conglomerate was considering divesting the business that my family had sold them, I needed to move quickly. Summer Street provided the capital and credibility to get the complex cross-border transaction done quickly.”

Mark Laven, Latham Pool Products

Corporate Divestiture

“Although I had been the CEO of a number of successful companies in my career, the Reichert management buyout was my first opportunity to own a substantial piece of the business I ran. With Summer Street’s help we grew the earnings dramatically, and I was thrilled to see my team finally benefit from their efforts.”

John Burgess, Reichert Technologies

Management Buyout

Representative Investments

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