Please join us in congratulating our Founding & Managing Partner, Mike McQueeney on his retirement.   

In November 1999, Summer Street Capital was formed to begin the journey of raising an institutional private equity fund based in Buffalo, New York.  Founder Mike McQueeney assembled a team of professionals to help achieve his vision to establish a lower middle market LBO fund focused on underserved geographies, including his home region of Western New York.  Even in its fledgling state, Mike demanded that the firm be known above all else for valuing the relationships and personal connections that enable businesses to transact and prosper.  Over the next 20 years, Summer Street developed its reputation as relationship-driven investors, operating with a true north focus on transparency, fair dealing, and authenticity.  Those values not only define Mike’s approach to investing, but they distinguish the kinds of professionals with whom he chooses to do business.

Recently, Mike announced his intention to pursue a very different challenge by retiring to his beloved home on the shores of Maine.  Mike will remain with the Summer Street team through the balance of 2020 and will then transition to spending more time with his wife Barbara in Maine, as well as traveling to visit his son, daughter, and new son-in-law.  Boating, fishing, and enjoying great wines may not require the intensity that he brings to investing in private companies, but whatever Mike commits his time to, those around him will appreciate his infectious smile and classic laugh, and will be better for the experience.

Those who have been a part of Summer Street over the years, both former and current team members, learned from Mike the business of business. But more importantly, we picked up an energy and an ingrained sense of integrity from being in his wake.  Mike has been the best friend, colleague, and mentor that any of us could have hoped for. While the current team has been working together for many years and is prepared for this planned transition, we plan to continue to pester Mike for ideas and guidance, and we encourage you to do the same.

Please join us in congratulating Mike and wishing him much joy and success in his retirement.